(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. escort, guide; manage, carry on, transact; convey, transmit; lead. See direction, business, music.
1. (act in business) conduct, dealing, transaction, action, business; tactics, game plan, policy; generalship, statesmanship, seamanship; strategy, strategics; plan, program, execution, manipulation, treatment, campaign; husbandry, housekeeping, stewardship; ménage, regime; management, government, direction (see authority); praxeology. See activity, habit.
2. (personal acts) behavior, deportment, comportment; carriage, demeanor, mien, bearing, manner; line of conduct, course of action; role, process, ways, practice, procedure, modus operandi, modus vivendi, behavior trait, method; conduct unbecoming. Informal, goings-on. Slang, shtick, behavishness. See courtesy.
1. (carry on) conduct, transact, execute, administer, deal with, have to do with; treat, handle, manipulate; play someone for; take steps, take measures; dispatch; proceed with, discharge; carry on or through, put into practice; direct, officiate.
2. (act) conduct, behave, comport, deport, demean, carry or acquit oneself; do by; act one's age, give a good account of oneself, mind one's Ps and Qs; run a race, lead a life, play a game; take or adopt a course; steer or shape one's course, play one's part or cards; shift for oneself, paddle one's own canoe. Slang, straighten up and fly right.
Adjectives — strategical, tactical, businesslike, practical, executive; behavioral, behaviorist.
Adverbs — on one's good or best behavior.
Phrases — good behavior is the last refuge of mediocrity; when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
Quotations — Conduct is three-fourths of our life and its largest concern (Matthew Arnold), He combines the manners of a Marquis with the morals of a Methodist (W. S. Gilbert).
Antonyms, see badness, neglect.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Behavior]
Syn. deportment, demeanor, manner; see behavior 1 .
2. [Management]
Syn. guidance, regulation, government, care, charge, direction, treatment, carrying on, transaction, superintendence, oversight, posture, control, handling, wielding, rule, manipulation, strategy, policy, execution, tactics, supervision, regimen, plan, organization; see also administration 1 .
1. [To guide]
Syn. escort, convoy, attend, show the way; see accompany 1 , lead 1 .
2. [To manage]
Syn. administer, handle, carry on, direct; see manage 1 .
3. [To transmit]
Syn. convey, carry, pass on, transfer; see carry 1 , 2 , send 1 , 2 , 4 .
See Synonym Study at manage .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. behavior manner, comportment, bearing, demeanor, ways.
2. management administration, direction, supervision, rule, organization, regulation, leadership.
1. behave deport, demean, act, bear, acquit.
2. manage administer, direct, supervise, rule, organize, regulate, execute, handle.
3. lead guide, escort, show the way, usher, marshal.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To control the course of (an activity): carry on, direct, manage, operate, run, steer. See OVER. 2. To engage in (a war or campaign, for example): carry on, carry out, wage. See DO. 3. To show the way to: direct, escort, guide, lead, pilot, route, shepherd, show, steer, usher. See SHOW. 4. To serve as a conduit: carry, channel, convey, transmit. See ALLOW. II noun The manner in which one behaves: action (often used in plural), behavior, comportment, deportment, way. See BE.

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